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Woodland Walk Candle

Woodland Walk Candle

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Let the Topo Pino's Woodland Walk candle ignite your sense of wonder. With its scent notes of pine, warm spices, and berries, you'll feel inspired to take a walk through the towering pines.

  • Top – Citrus
  • Middle – Pine, Fir, Spice, Berry
  • Bottom - Vanilla

The lush green trees towering above you, the gentle sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, and the earthy smell of the forest floor under your feet. Walking in the woods is a sensory experience that can offer a multitude of benefits to your health and wellbeing. From the fresh air that invigorates your lungs to the calming effect that nature has on your mind, every step you take in the woods can be a source of inspiration and renewal. So why not take a stroll in the woods today and bask in the beauty of the natural world

Additionally, candles create a relaxing atmosphere that can help reduce anxiety and improve mood. The flickering light of a candle can also have a soothing effect on the mind and body. 

Together, thinking about a woodland walk while enjoying a candle can provide a sense of tranquility and relaxation, which may help promote overall well-being.

    Our hand-poured coconut soy candles are clean-burning and include eight scents inspired by nature. We enjoy making these 7-ounce candles and hope they bring joy while inspiring your next adventure.

    • Virgin coconut soy wax
    • Eco cotton wicks
    • Clean burning
    • Hand poured
    • Small batch
    • Toxin-free
    • Paraben free
    • Phthalate free
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