Candle Care

​Hand poured, coconut soy candles with scents inspired by nature.
​Made with love by Topo Pino.

First Burn

  • Please remove candle dust cover before lighting.
  • The first time you light your candle, please allow it to burn for up to four hours to create a full melt pool that goes to the edge of the vessel.  Coconut soy wax has a strong memory, so this will determine how your candle will burn in the future.

Burn Time

  • Our 7 oz candles should not burn for more than four hours at a time to prevent overheating.


  • Please trim your wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting.
  • If you notice any soot build up on the inside lip of your candle vessel after burning, please wipe with a damp cloth when candle is not in use.  Keeping your wick trimmed should prevent this.


  • Please enjoy your candle within sight on a heat resistant surface away from children, pets, and combustibles.