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Limited Edition Northern Lights Candle

Limited Edition Northern Lights Candle

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Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of Topo Pino's Limited Edition Northern Lights candle. This candle is infused with refreshing notes of citrus, the essence of a fir forest, and undertones of rosemary, creating an atmosphere that evokes the mesmerizing beauty of the Northern Lights.

The complete Northern Lights scent profile includes the following:

  • Top Notes – Citrus, Aquatic, Greens
  • Middle Notes – Fir Needles, Rosemary, Cedar
  • Base Notes – Cypress, Amber, Musk

Our candle-making process is as essential as our candles' scent and calming experience. We select and craft every component of our candles with great care. After carefully cleaning and labeling each vessel in small batches, we affix the wicks and measure our wax and fragrance. We then meticulously mix and hand-pour our coconut soy candles into 4 oz premium gold tins and 7 oz beautiful glass vessels. 

Our thoughtful design continues after the candle is ready. We recognize the importance of protecting your candle, from crafting it in our home to enjoying it in yours.

Our 4-oz candles include a lid and protective bag to keep your candle dust-free, whether you purchase it from a local boutique or our website. Our 4-oz candles are perfect for trying out a new scent, taking your candle on the go, gifting, or grouping with other candles. They are also beautiful when enjoyed on their own.

Our 7-oz candles include a dust cover and drawstring bag to keep your candle dust-free, whether you purchase it from a local boutique or our website. In addition, our 7-oz candles come in a beautiful white box, creating the ultimate gift.

Features of our candles include:

  • Hand-poured by our founder in Portland, Maine
  • Small batches for ultimate freshness
  • Premium virgin coconut soy wax for superior fragrance retention and an even burn
  • Eco cotton wicks, which are easy to trim with your fingers before each lighting
  • Premium 4 oz gold tins and beautiful 7 oz glass vessels that are easy to repurpose after being enjoyed
  • Clean burning, toxin-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free
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